Best Drum Video Lessons

If you want to take your playing further there’s a huge amount of free information out there to help get you started. YouTube has literally hundreds of thousands of drum tuition videos. Some are really good, some are really bad. Here’s a few of our favorite drum video lessons:

1. Drum Video Lessons

Beginner Drums is our sister site and a channel catered for absolute beginners on the drum it. It’s one of the few sites ONLY to focus at beginner level so you can be confident most stuff on there should be within your grasp.

How to Play Your First Simple Drum Beat (part 1) [20]

Watch this video on YouTube.

2. Drumeo

Few people have done more work to put on-line drum education on the map than Jarad Falk. He’s an incredible teacher and has a wealth of drumming superstars to help you along the way. Lessons vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced level:

How To Have Good Posture On The Drums

Watch this video on YouTube.

3. Stephen Taylor

Stephen has been on YouTube churning out incredible video lessons since around 2010. He’s recently passed the 100,000 subscriber mark and has a unique energy behind his teaching. Some of his lessons are quite advanced but well worth checking out:

5 Essential Reggae Drum Fills Every Drummer Should Know | Reggae Drums | Stephen Taylor Drum Lesson

Watch this video on YouTube.


If you want to learn how to play the drums over a particular song this is the site for you! Rob’s been making refreshingly awesome content since early 2009:

★ Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW | How To Play Song (Chad Smith)

Watch this video on YouTube.

5.  Troy Wright

Pretty advanced stuff but man… awesome playing and an incredible drum sound. Really inspirational stuff:

Troy Wright – Animals as Leaders – Physical Education – Drum Cover

Watch this video on YouTube.

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