Drum Gear You Need

OK, so here’s the thing. There are like a billion options when it comes to buying a drum kit. It’s not like other instruments… like a piano is always pretty much a piano. A violin is pretty much always a violin. A drum kit however comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Here’s some drum gear to help get you started:

DRUM STICKS Drum sticks come in all shapes and sizes – a nice set of Vic Firth 5A drum sticks should be great to get you started.

DRUM KEY:  You’ll need at least one of these to adjust stuff on your drum kit, best to have a few since you WILL lose them.

PRACTICE TIPS These are really handy for practicing when you’re not near the kit. Slip these little Vic Firth practice tips over the tips of your drum sticks and you can practice on any solid surface – take them on holiday!

DRUM KIT:  OK, this is your big purchase. Here’s a really nice Yamaha electronic drum set to get you started (you’ll also need a bass drum pedal and drum stool). Or if you want to spend a bit less and have good neighbors here’s a lovely Tama acoustic kit (this comes with a bass drum pedal and stool).

That should be enough to get you started. Now go play!